Reviews for "-Field of memories-"

Cool Music!

I Love Your Music Dude!Especially This Theme Song!All right!

Hoverface!!! Dude!!!

I'm making a movie about your story, it' so...>sniff<so...SAAAAD!!!

Yeah, the song is awesome, and ipwn123 and Hoverface, play Stick War.

umm and Hoverface

i would picture it like this go to this link and follow the numbers\
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVTzv9 qLyko

0:01 the war begins

0:15 the first clash

0:22 we are winning

0:48 the leader is injured

1:15 he's back in the battle

1:30 the team is getting beat

2:00 the team is winning again

2:15 the enemy leader drops dead, our team%uFEFF won.


Very good. But some instruments in the song seems outdated, like they sound very old. But overall, I LOVE THIS.

Loved it

Yo you have the bested song in the whole world and i can make a game with that son as a intro or just the song when the battle starts already.