Reviews for "-Field of memories-"

Love the song. It would be great in an rpg when the protagonist A. discoveries the secret to victory. B. Begins the climb to get the "girl" C. uhh... any ideas?

War. :)

This song is very powerful, I found this after finishing "Stick War", and this is what I was looking for. I gotta say, the rythem was powerful, but not powerful enough throughout the song.

Intro: the very beginning started nice, but the sound effects of the wind weren't clean and smooth enough. When the third instrument jumped in the intro, it began to gather some power (which is good), and the fourth instrument started the main rythem. The con of this was that it couldn't really increase the power of the average song, so you should have added an extra instrument that can power up the song at 0:29. The part at 0:44 was a good one, but the power still wasn't good enough after that effect.

Middle: the synth started playing and this powered up the song, and this part just sounds great, along with the additional notes. If you want to make this better, then add some extra additional notes to make is sound super epic. At 1:30 is where the power constantly dropped, along with the playing bell at 1:45. This isn't my favorite patterns, but it's a good pattern to charge up the power at 1:59.

End: the climax sounded superb (could have used some additional notes and instruments, along with smoother effects) until 2:14, and this was the greatest downfall within this song. The power suddenly collapsed, and it ended with a bad temp. The wind effects at the end should also have been smooth. The end could have used a supreme ending play with intense power. The empty remains of the song should also have been removed.

So overall, a 8/10, and a 5/5 since it's submitted in 2007. I don't know how good/bad technology was compared to today. This song indeed gives the feeling of only one thing: WAR :)

If I had to rate this to be used with Stick War, then it would be hard, but that's it for now.

~The Liberaten
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Hey Guys,

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Pretty Amazing.

This is an excellent song, shattering all my expectations. It's techno, but I really like how this fact is well hidden, due to being so smooth, and having a constant beat. It is though, a little repetitive, but a very well done job. One of my favorite songs. This is a true masterpiece.

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