Reviews for "-Field of memories-"

Had to vote 5.

Those piano keys had me hooked on this song the WHOLE way. It sounds sad and spiritual at the same time. It's ashame you moved to Myspace, you're one of the best things that ever happended to the Audio Portal. At least your on my friends list on myspace too.:) And the finishing tune with the piano made the song end well. And just incase you didn't know, yes I was listening to the song while writing this review. You're AWESOME!:)

Waterflame responds:

thanks! that means alot :)

me moving to myspace does not really mean im leaving NG ;) im just not giving any promises :)

(and to the review donw there, i ment under, not above >_>)


That starting thunderclap in the beginning, with the light playful piano really set the mood for this one.

I just love songs that have... other sounds in them. They add to a song in their own way, because they have a realistic quality, and can bring up memories, and really make a song good and unique.

I didn't particularly think the drums that came in about halfway through fit well, but it's a minor thing. :)

Make it longer!! :D

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Waterflame responds:

thank you! :) that was kinda what i was aiming for, to make it sound more like a real played orcestra, or atleast somewhere near that :P

and yeah, im still not 100% satisfied with the perc. of this song, as said in the review above. :)


I was wondering if you'd still be submitting. :P Gah, I can't believe I missed this song by twelve days! Well, here's a long, in-depth review for you. You said in the response to the other review one of the reasons you make music and submit it is for reviews... so I hope this makes your day. :)

Hmm, interesting opening. I like that instrument that plays the melody, it sounds like a cross between a piano and a violin. Nice choice, there. Bass arp comes in, and then the percussion... nice, nice. Key change... already? Okay. :P

I like your melody in this song... it fits nicely, and the piano playing it (or that instrument mentioned in the last paragraph) is a good choice. ;) You keep it new throughout the song - I'm still not bored with it! :D Nice job with this.

Harmonies are great, and contribute to the atmosphere of the song. I like your choices in synths - that bass arp is especially nice and an unexpected fit, alongside the piano and otherwise. Parts of the song feel a bit lacking in harmonies but at the same time pleasantly simple, a nice break from songs with a ton of harmonies that give you a headache. >_< The pads you introduce later on are nice. No clashing notes or anything... nice work here, this is great stuff.

I like your percussion in this song... I'm jealous of everyone with their great drum samples and otherwise. >:( Those effects are an especially nice and cleverly used touch to the song.

This song gives me quite the pleasant atmosphere... a "pleasantly rainy" feeling, one that makes me imagine weather that under normal circumstances would be gloomy... but in this case isn't. Half of two feelings. Nice job with this, Waterflame, a nicely accomplished feeling and a well-done song! I don't have too much criticism but I did tell you what you did right, huh? :P Great work - a download, 10s in all areas - as I can honestly see no reason why this deserves less - and a 5 from me. :)

Waterflame responds:

First of all, than you for takng the time to write such a long review! infact i am submitting again, i just have alot of hold ups, but as said in the newest song description; more to come ^^

And also, thank you for all the inspiering comments :) to be honest, i dont really like the percussion in this song, exept the orestrated ones. since this song's tempo is, originally 280Bpm, beleve it or not, it was hard for me to get the drumloop sound just the way i wanted. the reason i worked like this is cause every roll and fill, and timing on the pads get alot easyer. :)

again, thanks! i really enjoy these reviews, as said ;) im just kinda slow on my replies :P

Of course

I always vote fair. Well your almost at your 50th submission. PM me when you finish that one. Yes and I'm glad your not dead :) Your song has a little bit of a epic feel to it. Has the nice happy synths which I like. Good way to end the song by slowing everything down. I've noticed you don't respond to your reviews. Oh well I guess my review is useless. I'll stop here without explaining suggestions Good song and 5/5 voting. Bye for now

Waterflame responds:

thank you :) sorry for not responding to everything, i dont have the time usually, or i simply dont know what to say. none the less, i do read every review and take them seriously. infact, the reviews is almost why i submit songs :) so never think your reviews are in vain, i enjoy reading them all! thanks for bothering :)