Reviews for "-Field of memories-"

best song

it is so soothing but at the same time very sad rethem to it.
I love this song it is the best. Your very great at remixing music.
Good job!

Waterflame responds:

thanks alot! im really glad you like it :D but what do you mean with remix? this is my original song :) if you mean producing then, thank you :) heh..

In awe!

This song is so beautiful. I simply adore it. Awesome work!

Waterflame responds:

thank you so much :D


i love this song the first time i heard it i cried ='} *happy tears*

-makes summary longer. read below.u'll understand-

Well, lets see. Where to start. :] OH ! Well, my brother was playing some game, and I heard this really awesome song while I was washing the dishes. So I asked him what song it was. And he saids the credits were at the ending...so he had to beat the game first. Well...turns out, the credits were at the beginning too so I made him win the game to get the song for no reason XD More of a reason to loveee me ! :]

Lmao. =D Love the song. Keep it coming ^_^ Oh btw, the song that was in the game..was your song. Awesome ><

Omg ! I can't submit the summary ! =[ How's this blabbing short?! >O Damn. This was like a paragraph. And now I'm just ranting along...-clicks submit- Still too short. -_- Jeezus. I wrote more than those people down there. How the hell is this too short ! Well, this is my first day using Newgrounds. I'm a newbie =] Soo...-clicks submit again- OOH I GET IT NOW! My "Summary" was too short..as in the "Title" Omg...I'm so stupid. LOL!


Like the other guys have said, I can very well see an epic quest or some gigantic battle field, a ravaged kingdom, you know...

You are skilled.