Reviews for "-Field of memories-"


this is my favourite song that was ever posted on new grounds!

it's really good and it actualy sticks in your head so you dont have to try to remember it... so yeah it's pretty unique and purely awesome

how do you come up with such good music?

Amazing song

First of all,this is an amazing song and first heard it in the game,"-Stick War-" and i just had to find this song and listen to it again!!
Its the perfect song for any action game or strategy or anything really!!
Sometimes when I'm playing some other game i just mute it and put this on instead it really gets me in the mood for any game.Okay well i didn't mean to ramble all i wanted to say is that if u r a flash game maker u might want to check out this song its perfect for most action and adventure games,I'm just saying!


i luv all ur song but my favrite is deat one!


Like most nerds, I don't dance at all. Yet I can't listen to your music without dancing to it. Even sitting down, I gotta slap my knees in rhythm.


nice song, and i may like to have the piano notes in the song, please?