Reviews for "Realm: Illuvation Soundtrack"

Very intense and powerful tune.
You never disappoint Cheshyre! :D

The strings are really killing my enjoyment of this track from the start. Mixing is alright, but I'm missing the old charm. It's sounding very flat in my ears, feels a little over-compressed, sounds a bit cliche. Still, glad to see you're still making music! 4 stars for reminding me of the old terrorcore I used to listen to with that distorted kick.

You were doing better. This track is for me the disappointment, and words cannot describe how is this track bad, boring, repetitive. Good luck in creating the next soundtrack for Kelzad and if a will achieve these qualities so it's 100% appropriate for such a movie.

You have been making the most awesome tracks for the best Madness animations out there. You're the best Cheshyre !

whew. that was awesome