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Reviews for "PROJECT: Felony"

I mean... yeah that was cool but like the two first minute.. the rest waas... pretty boring ? like it was too long, not FUCKIN BAD or you know a joke.. just too long, but yeah some parts was cool gg to everyone

Outstanding collab! My friend TheAnnoyingDog12 was meant to be a part of this one though his clip was deemed too low priority at the time. Regardless, this was a fun little experience to watch. I especially am intrigued with the idea of controlled chaos as it stayed at 100 from the beginning and reached its zenith and beyond at the end. Hope to see a continuation of this at some point.

DatSalty responds:

who is that

Shadz64 responds:

not that his joke clip was deemed low priority, its that at the time we were rushing to get it out and i didn't have time to include his clip in the end of the collab

Damn, are you guys trying to drive me nuts with all these amazing Madness flashes? This deserves its award! Anyway, this is yet another fantastic cartoon for Madness Day 2020. This might be the best year yet! I was trying to count the deaths. I just lost it when all those guys died at once.

Color is so amazing here! I can't believe how bright this bleak looking series can seem. You could just go back and watch all the stuff you missed the first time. Well, maybe not so much miss. Just stuff that you forgot was there. You guys put so much effort into these.

that was mad lad


Shadz64 responds:


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