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Reviews for "TD-Head Down Thumbs Up"

Yeah! Nailed it, this is why I can always relate to your stories!

So, I'm amidst an MBA program that's about to get tougher, and I just lost my job literally the day before you posted this. Thank you for picking me up, and setting me straight again. This isn't a new life lesson for me, but it is something that is very good to have as a reminder when things are down. So thank you again, and I hope this reaches more people who need it.

Raziberry responds:

That's awful to hear, but I wish you luck!

Great story telling as always Razi, If you really feel the way as you portray it in this video, good on you for being accepting of that shit. Years later something like that would hit me like a brick if I was still friends with the person. But I've always been a jealous person.

Honestly, I'm very impressed at the way you handle the balance between substance and fluff in your storytelling. You give just enough flavor that you don't muddle with the 'meat' of what you're trying to relay- but it doesn't feel barebones. The illustrations you provide also really help add to the flavor without detracting from what you're saying.

Excellent stuff. Keep at it, broseph.

Raziberry responds:

Thank you very much! I often worry I may not be balancing those properly.

You are the best story-time animator of all time. This is not a backhanded compliment.

Raziberry responds:

Thank you!