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Reviews for "TD-Head Down Thumbs Up"

Dude, that was so true! I totally wish I could show this video to myself 6 years ago. But true, you can't blame yourself for any problem that you face in life regardless of what it is. Also Be very strong and make life you're little bitch, cause there is no giving up. Can't let people's bullshit punch you in the face and knock you out, you gotta keep dodging hits and keep going no matter what! Your video was truly amazing!

Technical Dave is better and cheaper than therapy

I am always amazed at how relatable your messages are despite the uniqueness of your storytelling, artwork, and life path. Well done.

I have been a fan since the webcomic. I started interacting with this site again, JUST to tell you how deep and meaningful a storyteller you are. THIS was something that might just last beyond you. Bravisimo.

Raziberry responds:

Wow, a really old school fan! Thank you!

Your work is always so inspirational as it is depressing. Keep up the great work dude