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Reviews for "TD-Head Down Thumbs Up"

really inspirational! the wrestling thing was disgusting

....and then they all rush those front lines and get gunned down. ;) I mean not so seem pessimistic here but who knows, maybe...

Another good one, though compared to the last it's just so... light. So simple. All better again. Probably good with a lift but the depth always adds a layer of... no idea what it is but it just feels more profound that way. Cool this all worked out though. And interesting how everything seems to go full circle in life in the end, long as you just keep on trying...


Your work is always so inspirational as it is depressing. Keep up the great work dude

I believe in the law of attraction and positive affirmations & such, but, also some modicum of genuine effort/work on each person's part whether to achieve one's dreams or defend them against/from who (others) and/or what (crippling self...doubts) would seek to spoil or covet such things (on a perhaps logic level if not emotional resonant). These videos are good reality anchors of relatability with the right amount of whimsy as far as I'm concerned (and YES, staying positive or even finding one's way back to that especially while avoiding and/or overcoming the all too tantalizing traps of complacency echoed by phrases like 'fine' CAN most definitely prove to be a task & a half which lead back to life's traps BUT, for whatever reason, one and all should still strive for SOMETHING in the face of forces like the great leveler of death & entropy which nice things can also still bloom from).

Honestly, I'm very impressed at the way you handle the balance between substance and fluff in your storytelling. You give just enough flavor that you don't muddle with the 'meat' of what you're trying to relay- but it doesn't feel barebones. The illustrations you provide also really help add to the flavor without detracting from what you're saying.

Excellent stuff. Keep at it, broseph.

Raziberry responds:

Thank you very much! I often worry I may not be balancing those properly.