Reviews for "Weed - Harmless? P2"

I thought the same thing...

You might be for weed, but I am not. When I was watching the commercial I was wondering the same thing about the little girl riding on a main street! I thought this flash was very funny and so was part one. I do have a sense of humor so I am giving you a 10. However, just because the creators are absolute dumbasses and overdramatize everything it does not change the fact that "weed" is NOT abosolutly harmless! Good job on your flash keep up the good work! Between me, the fair minded voter, and all the pot smokers attracted to this site you will do well! :)) haha

Great job!

It's about time someone portrays stoners as harmless, fun-loving, and not getting in trouble!


that was fuckin funny


the head bobbing pwNs...


I havent seen the ad so i dont fully understand but it was funny anyway.