Reviews for "Weed - Harmless? P2"


I love these series, they are funny as hell. Make more, lots more, and it is very true to the commercial. I kinda thoink your first was a bit better though, anyway, keep up the great work.

Very Good!!!

Very Good!!! Hey! i have a question for you... Im a newb at flash and i was wondering... how can I d/l this so I can see how much programming it takes to do this.. if you could reply or mayb e send it to me.. my email is malimali10@hotmail.com thanx!

Freaking awesome.

That was totally funny. I just sent it to all my friends. How about another.


im soo0o blazed right now, and hells yes smoke weed first it makes decision making mad ill haha, always smoke more!

dying of laughter........harmless?

Wow! that was agreat movie. and everyone from Deion Warwick, to whitney Huston knows, that when you smoke some chiba, that you white knuckle the whell and go 5 MPH the whole time. way to artistically satire the Ad Councils demonizing of the stuff. Who is the pleasure police anyway? Between the Dialogue and the Music this flash got a five in vote and a 10 in review WORD!