Reviews for "Weed - Harmless? P2"

Nicley done...

Nice job with the head bobbing and yeah i saw that commercial. It only showed like 4 times, but you are very right what in the hell is up with those parents I mean god damn it is a nice job with the flash animation and a truly real look at that retarted commercial. Anyways I've seen it a long time ago but, either way, I love it all it was a pretty good damn straight up Flash. Nice job well done and get another just as good or better either way good luck!!! :-D


That song is great man....

Loved it! The head bobbing is funny, but more so with the black guy. The white guy at the Mcdonalds looks creepy. The whole thing was great though. Keep up the good work. Legalize it!!!!!!

i love this series

i've watched them all fuking funny man great job on flash also if u smoke pot most the time u get food first before u get high knowing that u might be too lazy too get it if u get high first think people! LOL great vid props head bobing hell yeah

This movie is dank!

Man, thats exactly what happens! And this movie is so awesome stoned!!! LOL


You decide nice one