Reviews for "Weed - Harmless? P2"


its ok i guess


if you saw it you'd relize thats she's not riding in the street she on the sidewalk, so your cartoon is pointless.


No shit that explosion was over doing it. Plus I did not think that was funny. The only part I thought was funny was when the guy began bobbing his head and that was it. Of course it is the parents fault because they weren't watching her and are probobly bad parents and are you even trying make people retarded from this or what.Weed DOES impair your judgement and it does eventually KILL you.Sure, it is legal for med. reasons ONLY!If you have cancer, it takes the pain away but your STILL liable to die from cancer anyway.

That shit melts your brain cells and you will wind up a loser on the streets with no money because that is what you blew your money on.The people that do weed and are critisizing my review go right a-fucking head and do it because you know I'm right.I'll see all of you tokker's in hell.


I saw exactly the same thing but with eddy murphy ( not sure if it was him ) this is a total rip off