Reviews for "Weed - Harmless? P2"


That was the funniest thing I've seen today! Malcom is so hilarious! I loved how the guy at the restaurant was trying to give him his food and he was like "sir..?" and Malcom just looked up at him and bobbed his head to the beat, staring blindly! hahahaha that killed me! Seriously I really love this, it is a CLASSIC!

Oh yeah, I watched your other one (part 1 or episode 1 whatever) and it was so hilarious! It really shows how you feel and see the world when you are high (I speak from experience, but shh don't tell the cops!) :), that one is a classic too, really excellent work! thanks a lot for this...art :P!



i see those comercials with the kids smokeing a bong and their is a gun on his fathers desk and he picks it up and shoots the other kid. thats not because they were high, its because the kids parents never taught them about gun safty. sure smoking weed could worsen recation time and motor skills but where were that kids parents when she road her bike through a parkling lot drive-through? your right, weed doesnt hurt you, dumb ass parents do.


that was the funniest shit ive seen in a while.

It was okay

But us potheads have to stand together to stop that shit. Those motherfuckers are trying to stop drugs all together. Only we can stop it. The dumbest one is the one where the two teenagers are smoking weed at the stall in the concert and the cop stops them. How would the cop know anyways?

hehehehehehheheh. more. heheheheheheheh.

Okay, so i aint high right now. But. Im acting like that becuase that movie kicked ass. Sequel now! Cause this movie kicked ass. Im giving a ten on everything and giving it a 5 on the votes!!!!!!!