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Reviews for "The Boy In The Woods"

10/10 needs to be frontpaged

fix 2nd level. good game

Congrats on your first game! I think you have a good start here. I made it past the double ants and tried jumping onto the big leaf platform, but fell off the right side of the level screen. You might need to tweak your movement/jumping a bit. The WASD plus shift for sprinting and SPACE for jumping is a bit hard, but could be more fluid if the basic movement of the character weren't so sticky. I think if you finesse these options, this could become a nice game. Good start!

good pixel art but the levelĀ°2 fix it plz

It's... Not great. I can see the fledgling of something fun here, but it needs a lot of polish. Here's a few suggestions:
- The camera should not have to move itself towards the player from the start of the level, it's just jarring to suddenly YEET as soon as you drop in. An easy solution would be to simply always make the camera snap to the player instantly as soon as the game begins - and any smoothing can happen after the 1st frame.
- Speaking of camera, the purple box that signifies the position is just a distraction to the player. If you need to see it for debugging purposes, have it start off invisible, and only appear when you hit T or something.
- There's a pointless big black box all around the play area. I don't know if it's a bug or if you intended the platformer to be smaller, but it's artificially making the game (as an object) artificially too large.
- Damage boxes on the ants are widldly inconsistent. Sometimes I don't need to jump at all, and I kill them without any damage.
- Add a restart button, I fell off of the edge in level three and can't do anything but refresh the page. And I'm lazy, so I'm not gonna try again.
That said, this is a promising 1st project, and don't let the low ratings discourage you. I'm a little curious to see if you manage to make something a lot more polished in the future!