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Reviews for "Fall Guy: Ultimate Challenge"

many problems i feel it has this game by playing it for five minutes:
- doesn't have checkpoints, which is very annoying to start from the beginning
- no music; a game without music is like a dog without legs, nice but sad
- coins; its actually unnecessary, just use coins if they are gonna be used
- the timer itself, 30 seconds for a whole round (or map, whatever you'll call it) start with a minutes, you know 60 sec
-the hitboxes, i hate it cause even if i try my best it feels that it takes too effort to not touch because the "guy" just don't jump that great

....but i guess this is what the game is all about so good job!!!

you should upload the music in audio, for some reason I like it

i'ts not bad i guess...
also these default FL studio drums remind me of my childhood :)

cheesydevYT responds:

good ear on those drums. lol

fuck off ripoff

i broke my keyboard!11111