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Reviews for "Newgrounds Arcade"

I can definitely see a lot of good work that has gone into it, still does need some work in some of the art and graphics but otherwise a great game that I cant wait to see more of

larrynachos responds:

You're absolutely right! I actually just pushed an update yesterday with an overhaul to the game select screen, thanks to the new artist Icy64! I hope to renovate other parts of the game very soon!

I'm always open for suggestions! If you have specifics, I'd love to add them to my list!

Great game and concept! Although, it still needs a lot of work, but its still in development, so i cant say much

larrynachos responds:

I've just pushed update 1.3.9, which totally revamps the game select screen! I know there's still a lot of work to be done, so if you have suggestions please let me know!

You are probably the few of the people in 2020 (currently) to get first place
As far as i know there is lots of spam games (idk about movies and art and audio tho)
But here is some heavy work put into this

larrynachos responds:

The daily 1st trophy really caught me by surprise, and only further motivated me to keep updating the game :)

I'm working so hard to make it as good as it can be! I've been working with an artist and I'll hopefully be releasing a significant visual update to key parts of the game soon! From there, I'll just keep adding and refining minigames until it's the perfect game! If I can get a decent number of recurring visitors, I can start working on hosting special events!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm going to keep working on the game, so if you have any suggestions for fixes, changes and additions, I'd love to hear them!

Love the idea but this still needs a looooot of work I'm reserving my rating till its done

Reply: Nah I wouldnt 0 bomb this I'd actually love to see it finished I just meant I would give it a real score when its done. Right now just a middle 3

larrynachos responds:

Are people able to review without voting? I thought blank just meant the rating was hidden (usually a 0 bomb)

Definitely working hard to get a big graphical update out! If you have any suggestions for fixes, improvements, and additions, please feel free to send me a message or hit me up on the discord!

Great game!

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! Feel free to message me here or on discord with any feedback or suggestions you have!