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Reviews for "Newgrounds Arcade"

I get what this game is going for it has a lot of potential but theres a lot that needs to be worked on as well the ski ball game is literally impossible, the claw machine recoils so fast that it actually bounces the prizes back. and the controls for some of the arcade games are kind of jerky. It's a good start though it has the makings of a good game

larrynachos responds:

Skee ball is not literally impossible, check the scoreboard. Need to be more specific about the controls. Glad you think its a good start though!

i love it

awesome newgrounds acrade flash game i remember games that have awesome too many medals in it im happy henry stickmin and dad n me characters get to appear in the game and also thanks to you too larrynachos

Good Work Altho My Space Button Isn't Working And It Won't Work When Ever I Try To Win A Plush

larrynachos responds:

Do you have at least 200 coins? If you don't, you can't use the claw machine. I can't reproduce your issue :(

If the spacebar isn't working, try tapping the button on the screen instead. :)

Edit: I can see on your profile that you successfully won the matt plushy!

fun game great to see little projects like this but the animations (if there even are ones...) are kinda bad

larrynachos responds:

I'm not an artist, so yeah I don't think there's any animation here. I've been working with some artists to redo the graphics, and maybe some future minigames will have animations in them.

Thanks for the review! I'd appreciate some more detailed information on what you enjoyed and what you think could be changed or improved upon :)