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Reviews for "Newgrounds Arcade"


larrynachos responds:

Not really, but thanks!

I was loving the game until the new facelift. It is lagging and keeps crashing firefox.

larrynachos responds:

Hmm, strange. Can I get some more information from you about it? Where are you/what are you doing when it crashes? Does it freeze the whole program, or does just the one tab crash? What does the task manager show? Are there any error messages in the browser console?

Lastly, can you provide your computer specs? I'd like to figure out how to fix this for you :)

I really want to like this as I think the intention is cool and there's some real elbow grease in there, but overall I had a bad time with this. The presentation is all over the place: I knew I was gonna have a bad time from the very start when the title screen, the thing that's supposed to sell you on the game, didn't have any effort put into it: basic system fonts, terrible formatting, haphazard layout, inconsistent design (why on earth are the config buttons highlightable and not the main play button?) and badly scaled images (why is the title graphic so small?) which have all this pixelization on them. Just an overall lack of presentation which I'd like to overlook, but it just reminded me of old Geocities sites that people make fun of, it hurt my eyes, and more than that, it was difficult to tell what did what and how to get around. I was hoping that, even if the graphics were bad that the gameplay would win me over, but same issues were had in all the games as well with bad, lazy HUDs, graphics and gameplay: it was cool to see the variety, but I would prefer one great game instead of a bunch of shallow games which get old in seconds, if they even work. Again, its a great concept and a good effort given the amount of content (even though it is overall not so great content), and I think it's a really neat collab opportunity, but I think it needed way more time in the oven: I'd like to think some patches can help but it would have to be a pretty significant overhaul for me.

larrynachos responds:

You're absolutely right on every account! I just can't seem to force myself to tidy up lol. I'm working with artists to slowly rebuild the visual aspects of the game, including the main menu! I'll definitely be revamping the minigame HUDS as well, I just don't have a lot of assets at my disposal :\

I hate to disappoint you, but I just plain suck at art direction lol. Like most of my games, the graphics are a combination of pngs from the internet and assets downloaded from opengameart (this time with the exception of the art contributed by icy64 and others!) just cobbled together. I could spend a whole day just fiddling with the graphical aspects and end up with an equally sloppy product, cause I can't really close my eyes and envision what I want, and when I try it usually evolves out of my capabilities and limited art assets.

I appreciate that you again took the time to do a more in depth review via youtube video! Can I ask what your computer specs are? It appeared to be running quite sluggishly (which is why the recoil in Madness Arena was so severe, and the physics games were running at a snail's pace). It's usually a matter of cpu. I'm using an i7-9700k (throttled at 50% cause I've been having overheating issues), and it runs fine for me (late game madness arena can always get a little laggy though, if there's too many enemies shooting you at once).

In terms of gameplay, I plan on adding more engaging minigames and refining the old ones with better features (for example, I want to replace madness zombie survival with a sort of animated on rails experience like time crisis, but that's something that requires an animator). The upcoming 1.4 release will include a new Line Rider minigame/level editor so you can make, play, and share levels :D

nice but what engine is this made on?

its nice i like it

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! I'll keep working on it :D