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Reviews for "Newgrounds Arcade"

Dude, this is cool.

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! I'm still working on it, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

too bad the game are pretty Easy if I would like a stage system like it tells you what level are you instead of a timer and like at level 10 there is a final huge wave and a boss that how arcade games used to work also i dont know if you did it but it would be cool if there is secret stuff you can click in to show easter eggs or to win some sweet free coins

larrynachos responds:

Easter eggs are planned! I'm also planning on adding levels, bosses, and harder enemies!

Thanks for the review!

i have to say this game just bring me back to childhood and you guys chosen BGM are so epic one of BGM just let me associate about 《scareface》 i mean you guys can add more 80's BGM in game like 《scarface》BGM it's so classic i'm not mean modern music is bad i'm just love classic way!

this game really freaking amazing

larrynachos responds:

Thank you so much!

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