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Reviews for "Newgrounds Arcade"

the plushie machine isnt working, i got two plushies and one coin and they dont go down on the tube part, like if it had a wall

larrynachos responds:

The problem has been found and fixed, I'm sorry it took so long ><

i like it

This game definitely captures the old spirit of NG! The updates you're doing are nice and consistent as well, haven't ran into any control issues or major bugs which is always a plus. Not sure if it already is, but, is the chat feature shared throughout all the rooms or is it a separate chat for each? All in All, a fun little experience and homage to NG, can't wait to see what else may be in store. Hope it becomes more popular as well!

larrynachos responds:

There is a main room that you can access from some of the minigames, but other multiplayer modes like air hockey or the hub are different chat rooms because they're different online rooms.

Thanks for the review! I'm gonna keep working on more updates!

We need a claw machine update FIX THE PLUSHIES. is a pretty gud game though

so whenever I play the claw machine and get a plush/collectible it never goes into the hole or gets hit in a invisible barrier unlike the coins they go right through or it's my crappy internet

Thanks For Patching The Game it makes the claw machine less buggy and frustrating!

larrynachos responds:

Hello yes, I have found the source of the problem and am uploading a fix right now!

sick, the game feels pretty empty probably because of timezones but not a bad idea, some sprites are kind of glitchy tho

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! Yes, there are times when it's poppin and there are times when there are just one or two people in a room (the main room fragments sometimes into backup rooms main0 main1 main2 etc).

Which sprites are glitchy? Are you talking about The Hub? There's a weird thing where the peer sprites want to face one direction even though the peer is facing another, so it jitters a bit. Thanks for the review, I'd love to hear more suggestions of you have them!