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Reviews for ""Claire rides Mr. X""

I got a lot to say. But to cut it short.. I would of loved to see her face. At lest once & would of been great with a release from either MrX or Claire. Though great work.

Could use a little MrX juice oozing out of her abused pus at the end, but that is just my love of creampies talking.

I guess there was another way to spread the virus other than zombie bites and killing, and Claire sure did enjoy this way better than the latter

Can't stop thinking about all the rotting flesh. Inside her... Uuugghh...

Great animation, and the voice acting is spot on, but why couldn't she just fuck a regular dude? Anyways, keep it up! Cos i couldn't...

IckyStickyAnimations responds:

I am so confused on so many levels. One second you are knocking the animation. Then you are liking it, and then making jokes again. Just to be clear I am not angry. I can't get the smile off of my face. The voice actress for Claire was amazing. I also try my best with the animations. I still need to get better though.

As for the fucking regular humans... Humans are boring. I like aliens, creatures, and monsters getting there dicks wet be beautiful babes. Or it can be reversed... Humans getting their dicks wet by giving it to aliens, creatures, and monsters. Just human on human is boring unless it is a Futa.

Thank you for the comment.

Hey guys how've you been animation is great the dick is just a little too shiny

IckyStickyAnimations responds:

Thank you.

Yea. I had it really wet before, and it looked like he had a layer of clear honey on his cock. I believe it looks a lot better here, but... I do agree with you, and I'm always trying to do better with everything that I do.