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Reviews for "Shower Of Terror : Foamy The Squirrel"

For the prototype of the Neurotically Yours series, this was pretty short and darkly comic. Nice job! However, I do recall seeing something like Maid of Horror back when this series started. Why is that no longer in Newgrounds?

It was great to see where this series started! I admit that it's a lot more going on than the other episodes. Yeah, I wish more of it was like this. I think this is still the most popular submission of yours. It was weird to have no dialogue. It was even weirder to have no Foamy.

This artwork really reminds me of Jhonen Vasquez. It's always been like that. I like the twist ending. I really never even thought of Germaine as that attractive. I guess I wasn't supposed to.

That was disturbing. Just try not to dunk in the blood bath water!

fuck a knife ill use a duck

A decade since this came out... doesn't feel that long. Maid of Horror came at this time too I think. These 'classics' are still pretty good.