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Reviews for "Shower Of Terror : Foamy The Squirrel"

ha ha

the best 1 ever hell ya never stop :)


That was the best film I have seen in a long time. Now I am going ot have to watch all of your films.
P.S. thanks for the rubber duckie idea I am going to get one for every room in my house


Yeah that was great! Keep it up!
And like was saying Shenguardian,I won't say the end to those who didint saw the movie.
Good job!

SO cool....

Lol, I loved the end, but for the sake of other people wanting to watch I wont mention. Beautiful Work man, keep it up.


i must admit, i see a lot of difference from your old works to your new ones.

1. More movement in old ones, new ones had less
2. Is it me or does Germaines breasts seem bigger in this one than in the newer series?
3. Old one relies on funny events while new ones rely on funny 1 way conversations from Foamy
4. Germaines eyes in this episode is yellow/golden but in the newer ones her eyes are green

and note, theres this girl at my school that looks just like germaine. its pretty weird, her hair is same, face looks bout right and shes also kinda skinny like germaine. its pretty freaky, im gonna see if i can get a pic of her and post it on the forums