Reviews for "BurgeraX & YoshiGMD: Acceptance [Electro House]"

Along with listening I was reading the lyrics and I found a mistake at 3rd stanza there's no "I'll accept you" in the song :D Anyway I love it and rate 5* ;)

Yup! I did use this song in my level of the same name! I feel like a GD Player doing vocals for the song looks like a good thing for a song choice in my levels! :D

I released the level using this song (Acceptance) on the last day of January. But I guess we all know that. Still a great sounding song.

when i saw YoshiGMD i was like WAAAAAAAAAAT
(im a mod on his twitch streams)

This might be my new favorite by you :)

Damn this is a fantastic song i cant describe how much i like this! :)