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Reviews for "Birthday 29"

Good to see you on here again. I was wondering if you were still going to make a birthday video since the date came and went. I hope you are doing well.

That hit the nail on the head!

Happy Late Birthday, Yotam. I always look forward to each of these birthday songs. I was worried for you when it didn't come around the normal time, but I definitely get it. I've said this before, but, it really means the world to me to hear from someone I look up to going through the same morose anxieties that come with aging. It's been what, 15 years now? I hope one day we'll both feel like we've finally become happy, well rounded adults. Cheers, buddy. I'll always be your fan.

This song is great yo

So cool to have seen these every year growing up, very glad you've kept the tradition going so long :^)