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Reviews for "Birthday 29"

Happy 29th birthday! I wish I was in as good as a position as you. I don't have a job. Well, not one that I go to anymore anyway. We all have to deal with this virus. This cartoon was quite down to earth.

That probably makes it better. I now know what it's like to wear a mask. I'm 31, so we're kind of close. Well, everyone's really close here. Maybe that's not the right thing to say in this time.

Good to see you on here again. I was wondering if you were still going to make a birthday video since the date came and went. I hope you are doing well.

Nice job in uploading this here. I've been waiting for this moment, since at least your birthday.

these videos remind me that I'm on a narrow, precarious plank dangling over a bottomless pit, with no real rewarding goal at the end of it called "life"

Love u Yotam (P.S. I like ur lines in this animation, they’re so lively)