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Reviews for "Goukisan - Rock Orchestra2"

This reminds me of zelda for some reason...
Maybe the orchestra?

You know, if you see this in the GvP sequence,

It wouldn't be a bad fit actually. I mean it haz like this guitar, and that piano, but I guess they are more like, supporting eachother, instead of battling for the rights and honor of the most epic tune.

you sir are epic

you are the inspiration to most music i "try" to make(Ignoor anything that has to do with emo). i also bet alot of people try to compair to your level of awesome all knowing such is futile. i love your work and wish to become even half as good as you one day.

friggin' sweet

completely awesome, i agree with Blaize360, i didnt think this was possible, but couldnt you have named it something better? Just saying it deserves an epic title, but anyways, AWESOME SWEET!!! great rhythm and tempo, hope you make a third one!

A winner is you.

Yes. Just yes.