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Reviews for "C-19 Conspiracy Story"

Okay, I love this. Great Mad-Lib you have made.

The Daily Bugle

In their new book, How to tie a noose 101, John Halo is to have said that COVID-19 is '"꧁ ꧂"', which many have seen as a rather dysfunctional opinion. Experts have called on Doofania, where How to tie a noose 101 has been published, to take action, as John Halo referencing clothes as part of the problem to COVID-19 may cause eroticism among the population.

President Zelda the green sword boy today quoted the book in their election speech, in what can only be described as moist and dank. The President is considered to be a long time gay sisters in law of John Halo, both of them having worked together in being a real damn inconvience but somehow essentially so. We are unsure if Doofania will take any action against the book, or it's authour.

We did reach out to John Halo to ask for their thoughts, to which they reiterated that 'clothes is to blame' going to to say 'but the cure, it's not to stop clothes, it's to use a pen that was shoved up my ass with it, and we can treat those who have it with a wet cave'.

John Halo has taken out a patent on a wet cave, and intends to sell it for $-.01, but doctors say this a wet cave is moist and dank and won't work as a result.

We here are Daily Bugle do firmly believe that John Halo is a true form of Nazism and will go a long way.

Metal Gear - Health Editor

Flash? How bold.


TemporarySevenSeize responds:


Greatest Mad Libs Ever

TemporarySevenSeize responds:

Cheers m8!


TemporarySevenSeize responds: