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Reviews for "DOPAMINE"

muy bueno loco, genial la música.

I really dig those funky colours and angles and how the music works in this short. Nice style.

I couldn't help but to also find some sort of masturbation reference, as some said before. Sure, there's also food and I guess it's just a general representation of dopamine with the sweet stuff and the ups and downs produced by dopamine.

Just rambling, I guess. I really liked what you did. I hope to see more! :)

I felt like the bright yellow backgrounds overpowered the character a bit too much. Not sure if I'm supposed to understand the meaning from the title, but was a fun watch and had a lot of personality and great visuals.

I am so confused, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to figure out what the hell happened in this video, so I guess it’s a success?

I absolutely loved the animation and just, everything for this. I just loved the entire thing and all its incredible vibes.