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Reviews for "RAMSHACKLE: The Thesis Film"

the answer is yes

Love the art/animation style, matey

.... Why is dis not on Fiyah.tv?.. Better yet, why is this not Adult Swim?.. I mean, not every show they have includes swearing, but it would let a lot of this fly.

Zeddyzi responds:

Yeah honestly Ramshackle is sort of in a grey area when it comes to audience haha 😂😂

Awesome. Even more Sheridan blood on here, hell yeah.

Fantastic piece. I love how gingerly animated this was. This had a perfect balance between key frames and tween. It was efficient but not cheap. There wasn't really a moment in this, unlike a lot of modern animation, that felt like a slide show or that the art direction lacked quality.

This was accomplished while maintaining a very clean and distinctly stylized in a persistent manner throughout the roster of characters. The backgrounds were very pleasant as well.

Great stuff. Keep at it. Hope you kick some ass out there,

I'd watch it, for sure.