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Reviews for "RAMSHACKLE: The Thesis Film"


very cool

.... Why is dis not on Fiyah.tv?.. Better yet, why is this not Adult Swim?.. I mean, not every show they have includes swearing, but it would let a lot of this fly.

Zeddyzi responds:

Yeah honestly Ramshackle is sort of in a grey area when it comes to audience haha 😂😂

Great concept! Has a sort of Spielberg nuance to it with kids in a mature situation and has a classic toony vibe.

The animation reminds me of gravity falls and chowder mix with some storyboard art, and "it just works". Seeing this, I feel that animation on the web can be original and not just based off of something else (like fan animation). I rly want the series to grow, and I see potential in it!
I rly like the dark aspects of this short, it kinda blends in with the gritty animation!
If you (the creator) are reading this, I want to talk to you on how u made this great animation,
I'm planning to become a web artist myself one day and I feel, you can give me some tips!
Hope we can talk some time!
P.S: Why does stone have the suit of Shirou from BNA? Im I the only one who notice that?

Zeddyzi responds:

Thank you!! I'm currently working on a webcomic for Ramshackle, and expect more animations in the future!!