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Reviews for "(+18) Legend of the Spirit Orbs v1.3"

Wow, I can tell you've really been working hard on this! I really love the story elements, they definitely make the game feel more immersive.

There's not much I can say that's hasn't already been said, but I will say that each new version of this game definitely surpasses the previous, which is really outstanding and I really look forward to seeing future versions. ^_^

Babusgames responds:

Thank you very much! So happy you liked it!

Honestly, i was more interested in the mipha story than the scenes.

The little story added to this is amazing, good work!

Babusgames responds:

Nice to hear! Thank you very much!

The spinning symbols is probably the second most annoying dynamic I have ever seen, only beaten by the symbols being spread apart which makes the bomb useless in alot of scenarios. great game though.

Babusgames responds:

Thank you a lot!

for some reason the smash ball looking midna one had me stuck for a while, more than the spinning orbs, like damn bro.

i found i glitch, im not sure if its unique to midna but i was i think on the final midna puzzel or atleast the one right directly after they spoke about a cold farewell, if you click the wrong ones too fast on google says that there was an error in the game and it completly freezes the game. Great game though!