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Reviews for "(+18) Legend of the Spirit Orbs v1.3"

It's not the first time i played through all the game, and it's not the first time you surprised me with the high quality either, loved it, keep it up bro!

Babusgames responds:

Thank you man!

Finished what you have so far and I really like it. I wish the full sequence for Mipha was out but I get why it's not yet. The animation and the dialogue is pretty good and all and all I don't have anything negative to say.

Love the new story, I seem to have much lower FPS now though? But that could just be from me turning off Hardware Acceleration . Great stuff !

I do love this game, very fun to just to pop the bubbles, been enjoying the rewards too! I can now see all the rewards with no issue, love what you have added to the game. There is one thing that concerns me is that when were I will accidentally double click on a orb. I first get the success pop but when the game reads the second click and tries to make the orb flash red, as in I hit the wrong orb, it crashes. Idk if its the game or my rather lack luster pc but still had fun just had to restart to build points again (which is plenty worth it). Keep all the good work up!