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Reviews for "(+18) Legend of the Spirit Orbs v1.3"

You know, I thought this game was already pretty good. Maybe a few minor tweaks to gameplay to make it a bit more challenging (such as the spinning in Mipha's) and that was all that could really be brought to this game.

However, you took my thoughts and turned them right around. Honestly, the little tidbits of story you have for each of them was pretty darn good. I felt like they had proper placement and that they actually felt like it belonged. Not really just some random text here and there. You even managed to make the Midna portion actually feel a bit natural.

Hats off to you, I want to continue being impressed. Surely I will with what you're doing at this rate.

legit played this for the game and not for... yknow. seriously, keep it up, this is really entertaining. ive never considered making a patreon account, but this is really tempting.

In zelda's history "spirit" is sometimes swapped with "sages".
she says "i dont think i can't control myself" -> dont think i can, no ?

Damm, Paya is amazing.

i would lewd zelda all the time