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Reviews for "(+18) Legend of the Spirit Orbs v1.3"

Damm, Paya is amazing.

This is such an amazing little game! Honestly, I just clicked on it to see a quick little Zelda goodness, and stayed for the stellar writing. This is some great writing! And the gameplay is also really addictive, I'd play a full puzzle game with this concept, granted, if it was expanded upon to a full-priced game. I honestly started ignoring somewhat the explicit scenes, and just wanted to see the next piece of writing.

So, on that note, It was a bit jarring that Midna didn't have a post-sex scene, unlike Zelda and Paya, and it kind of took me out of it briefly. And while the art is good, the animations are not as stellar or creative as the rest of the game, which contributed to me skipping them mostly. Overall:

Art: (Overall, and stills) 5/5, (in sex scenes) 3/5
Animation: 3/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Writing: 7/5

I can't wait for your next update! Cheers!

artwork, animations, whatnot, its all great quality. From the things you deserve to get rated on, great game. But god did i hate playing this damn thing. If i wasnt zelda fanboy garbage i would not have worked for the pics. I have also sucked at looking for shit since i was a little kid so thats prob the biggest piece. great game, playing it made me so angry i forgot why i searched by mature in the first place.

Another amazing addition to this game, love it!!! The text makes same of them sort of wholesome, in a way. :) And I am glad pressing enter also progresses text(so you don't have to keep clicking). Also thank you SOOOOO much for making patreon content just a way to see content in advance, not limit it. 6/5 stars

ALSO idea for the next character: click where there are no orbs or right click or something to switch between two pages of orbs.

In zelda's history "spirit" is sometimes swapped with "sages".
she says "i dont think i can't control myself" -> dont think i can, no ?