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Reviews for "[TEASER] Cute Neighbour - Ass Eating Scene Publicity Teaser Preview Demo Advertising WITH CENSORSHIP"

might want some better censorship. A quarter away from reaching the top of the bar her vaginal nodes can be seen.

Edeshye responds:

Huehue that's alright

Looks pretty good, all things considered. Sure, it's not much, but what's there isn't bad at all

Edeshye responds:

Thanks a lot! :D

Waste of time

Edeshye responds:

huehue oh noooo

dude if this isn't the final version and just a teaser, THEN WHY CENSORE IT ?
if the final project will be diffrent than this, THEN WHY CENSORE IT ?
and i read you put this shit just uncensored to your patrons, what the fuck ?
if people are paying you money dumbass then give them exlclusive shit not this crap just uncensored you lazy fuck
honestly, fuck you man

Edeshye responds:

huehuehue here we go

it is censored but if you look hard enough you can see some thing nice

Edeshye responds:

Huehue, true