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Reviews for "Meru the Succubus OVA 1"

anybody know what the background music is?

considering I ended up her on accident so frankly I was honestly surprised by this..
Now considering you accomplished this on New Grounds of all places SkuddButt
It's honestly an impressive feat..the animation, the voice acting, and the fluidness are
all B-S tier It's honestly impressive.. If you ever wanted to do an Anime series about Meru
I think a lot of people would be cool with it..heck she might shine even more since she'd be
in a sense sensual and story driven and from what I can tell only High School DxD managed to capture that charm correctly...Yet you did that with a single OVA it's honestly something you should be proud of :) and considering I'm not a hentai/porn kind of guy that even I found muself
drawn to Meru's charm is somewhat of an accomplishment..for both character creation and personality development..I whole heartedly have to say you did a wonderful job as her creator..
you should feel proud I can tell you put a lot of love into making her.. :3 nya

I feel like i'm on some kind of list now, and i'm ok with it.