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Reviews for "Colour in Greyness"

You're a force not to be taken lightly. I'll just say that the arrangement seems to progress a bit slowly on first listen, but the atmosphere is so careful and though out. I love it.

Good luck

Adjeye responds:

It even used to be longer! But Grant pushed me to trim big parts off.

Thanks for liking it! I wish you goodluck as well my friend :)

Easily one of the best tracks iv heard all year.
The atmosphere is just so spot on magical.

This is amazing dude, i'm downloading it!

Adjeye responds:

Thanks for liking it man, I've worked hard on this one!

I'm glad you are the sixteenth submission this round. Well deserved I think! I can tell you worked hard on this track and it was a pleasure to listen to.

Adjeye responds:

I am still kind of curious to what Phonometrologist would have made if he didn't pass the opportunity over to me. I am glad you liked it tho!

You nailed the atmosphere. This is amazing!

Adjeye responds:

Thanks a lot :)

This is really good! love the chill and misterious vibe it has, the mixing is pretty solid, those backwards fx were cool, the only downside i found is that the structure isn't well defined, otherwise is nice. This song would fit perfectly in a mistery/suspense game or movie scene or something like that.

Zelgeon's Score: 8/10. Keep it up!

Adjeye responds:

Thank you very much :), I had some difficulties with the structure since I normally don't do stuff that is around the 100 bpm, still got a lot to learn there!

Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless :)