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Reviews for "Viscerafest"

looks amazing

good animation

that was quick

It doesn't need to be 2 minutes long

It would be good with some variation

as a still picture its aight
-some things look weird
-not a particular fan of the pose of her upper body, looks a bit weird
as a nearly 2 minute long animated video?
i like the brief animation as she transitions to a more ahegao lookin face if im spellin that correctly...
but that aside, for me, everything else falls short
no weight conveyed
its like you were using Scratch assigned one image to remain still and the other image of a horse dick to move back in forth meeting the coordinates of the first image before retreating back to its initial position, if that makes sense
booty doesnt jiggle and im all about the booty jiggle
just about all i care about personally
normally i harp on horse fucking, but meh
the colors are nice
like the character design
even though it doesnt jiggle booty is still booty