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Reviews for "Bonkers"

This game is flat out amazing! Great animation, art style, music, all with a fantastic feel that makes it come straight out of the nes/snes eras!

The controls are tight and the mechanics are simple but very fun, and the stages are generally very nicely made that give you a good challenge.

I love this!

Very cool
It's interesting how when you add a timer how much the player changes their play style

Pretty good game! I managed to finish within 21:09 minutes with 290,000 points.

It needs a -RESTART LEVEL- function. At some point I punched a block in a corner and was unable to progress.
Apart from that it's an amazing game, especially for the time it was made in.

Dude this game's great: nice music colorful color palette, creative mechanics, good and fluid animations... It's hard to believe that this was made in 48 hours.