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Reviews for "Bonkers"

real solid!

milkbarjack responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you played and liked our game :)

Absolutely amazing! Everything about this was amazing, felt great to play, mechanics worked well and were clever, art was great (recognized Strad instantly!) and best of all it was FUN. Hard to believe it was made in 48 hours with all the charm jam packed in, and clever methodical level layouts. The presentation is top notch, even with the comments section being utilized with the sprites mixed in. You guys knocked it out of the park

milkbarjack responds:

Thanks a bunch! It was really great to work with Strad, we all had a lot of fun working on this together.
I should clarify that some of the stuff in-game was added post-jam -- nothing major, the most significant addition was the points system. No new levels, art, or animation assets were created or added, they've all been the same from the start.
Regardless I'm really happy with the amount of stuff we were able to pack into those brief 48 hours, and I'm even more happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Thank you!

I love it! Everything about this is really strong and it's especially impressive having been made for a 48 hour jam. I love the characters, mechanics and level layouts.

One thing I would note in the commentary is to hold the jump button down when going for high jumps - people who release jump before doing the air punch combo to jump higher might get confused when they can't jump high enough; it took me a minute to figure out. The rest was super clear and lots of fun!

I love seeing games with so much bold personality here on NG!

milkbarjack responds:

Thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear that you liked our game, we'll definitely be continuing to upload our future projects to NG :)

It was so much fun getting to be part of the development of this game. The remastered version is absolutely gorgeous and getting to get a frickin' x60 multiplier score is so satisfying. Controller input was a legit add-on and I toggled between them and the keyboard options, still a fan of the classic Q-E.

milkbarjack responds:

Wouldn't've happened without all you dudes who helped out!