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Reviews for "Bonkers"

had a lot of fun playing this

Warning: this is a
a game review of Bonkers and so you should know that this is my opinion on this game. So if u hate or like it then good for u, so pls note that I think very differently about the game, ok? Ok. Let's start:

positives: in my opinion I think this game is actually pretty solid and fun, I like that this game is compatible with controller. I love this feature to death, just for the reason alone the few flash games do have controller compatibility and so this is a good feature for the people that don't like to play the game with the keyboard controls. Another good thing about the game is the art style and music. Now I have to give credit to Strandomyer, Milkyace, MajorWipeout, loudnoisy and GeloxLP for the really detailed art style and music, the artsyle is a chibi and pixel art form that makes this game even better. I really like the mechanic of the game with brawlers arms being a platform and combat helper and also you can combine both them for a hit in the air. I love the challenge that the game offers as well the puzzles that can be really hard and make you think, sometimes I will rage for dying and having to do the part all over agian and still its hella fun for me. The enemies are not that bad. They are cute and still pretty annoying when you get hit by them on accident. That was the positive part (aka the good parts i enjoyed of the game.) Now to the flaws

flaws: This game has some flaws but still it didn't destroy my experience with the game. The thing I hate the most about the game is that the game has no save files and no menu for options. The only thing you can do in the menu is to play the game and nothing else. I really don't like that because if there is no menu that means there is no save file or checkpoint. And that means that I had to play the whole game in one sitting, so pls MilkbarJack. If you ever gonna make a sequel, pls make a menu for the players that to play this game in multiple sittings. So that was pretty bad, another flaw about the game is that the frame rate is really mixed. There is a lot of smooth frame rate and then there are a ton of times were I enter a door for the next level and the frame rate is really really slow. There are some bugs too, like once were I fell in the floor and lost my progress and another time were some enemies would never die. It really sucks but thats all of this negatives. But I still enjoy this game and can even say that this game is actually more enjoyable then the first fancy pants (*coughing* my opinion *starts coughing again*). But yeah now let's get to the overall things about the game

overall: This game is a side scroller puzzle game with a lot of fun stuff in it. This really took me by surprise with the animation, music and ect. Yes there were some flaws but still it was a really good game, so I give it a 4 out of 6. If I was wrong then tell me what then tell me and I will read it so. Good bye.

Absolutly love it! Art style is very cute and it's bouncy physics is cute too. Movement is pretty sharp and fine. Very comfortable. Cheek blush on a main spryte looks kinda like blood from the eyes. Also the Eyes. You are able to hit it when it's closed via enemys. Very cool game and art was made just for 48 hours.

If you told me this was an Xbox game, i'd believe you. That's how good it is.

Professionally made game.