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Reviews for "Bonkers"

joe mama

This game is Sweet, the mechanics were fun, always was a fan of physically propelled Platformer/Puzzle games, The Music was Top Notch "Mwah! Magnificent", seriously Love the Music (BIG PROPS), especially the laboratory theme, Pixel art is so cute and rocks, some that were subtle and some Dynamic, the Little guys who pop out of the wall look scary lmao, The art for the boss level Rocked too, and even the small attention to detail as well with the Platforms, like how the sprite's not overlapping over certain platforms because it's directly above her, which is quite a simple task but commonly overlooked :) , Alrightly, Criticism time, the controls setup for keyboard is intuitive, though i can't really tell if the commands aren't responding properly or if it's my own incoordination , also i've noticed that she winds up a punch, which would make sense if the purpose of it was to charge it up for a stronger punch, but it's not the case, and it makes it weird to propel upwards sometimes when you have to let go of it immediately and that's the main trouble i've had with it, there seems to be no point in it, also getting stuck on the the tutorial levels, i didn't realise having to press two different attack prompts propels you higher like a triple jump, (I figured the two attack buttons were just optional), So i ended up just jumping from the stairs and went several levels without realising that, maybe letting ppl know this would be more helpful to other Smooth brains like me, other than that this game is pretty well polished and colorful and fun to speedrun, and easy to get the hang of once you realise what you're doing. 9.3/10

Holy shit. For a 48 hour game jam this is remarkably polished. The mechanic really has alot of impact, not clunky, and is used quite well as a dash and attack while activating other things.
And the enemies themselves work well too, though I think the Birds could of had their intro not happen so close, it can often hit.Boss was solid too, though easy to spam into he had alot of varitety. Though the hand attack where he opens his palm felt messy to avoid.

As for the aesthetics, they're on point too, boss is cool, enemies are endearing, and the player feels like a solid balance of attacker and cutesy. Unexpected but it works well. You get a solid vote in my books here.

Love the game so much! The art style is amazing! Apple's design is very cute!

I got stuck ): / I give it a spicey 4/5
I feel like 3's fare
A tree outta five