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Reviews for "Bonkers"


This game was BONKERS

This was fun. I know it was created in 48 hours, but I'd really love to see these game mechanics applied to a larger world. The music and art fit together nicely.

I felt like the enemies were a bit repetitive. Some defensive postures on their behalf might make for a change of pace (e.g., some enemies can only be attacked from behind, some need to have a high enough combo to break their shell, etc.). A few rooms in Dr. Onion's lab felt empty, with no enemies or puzzles. Not sure if this was done to build tension a la MegaMan, but it did have the same effect if that is the case. Other than that, I loved it!

Loved the game, I love platformers that have simple controls and that have depths to it. Using the punches to gain momentum and use them to jump as well as having two different buttons for the left punch and the right punch is an awesome idea that could be explored even further to make an even better game.

I love the main character's design (Apple right?): The red cheeks, white eyes, the rayman like fists, the eyes that turn to crosses or spirals when she takes damage, it's really adorable.

The art direction is very appealing too, love the cartoonish style of it and the colors.
The music also fits, retro, arcade like and upbeat. It really captures the game's charm.

Congratulations for your awesome work and thank you for giving us some good times. Can't wait to see what you'll pull out next time.


It was fun to play!