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Reviews for "Humble: No Evil 038"

... kids these days get everything for free 😒

Checking Newgrounds... No... No... NO EVIL! YES! YES! YES!

And a new duet! Nice!

I find that in some kind cute... ^w^
Too bad that i didn‘t watched much „No Evil“ Series before, when i was younger(Highschool).
Also nice work on that! :^)

i have more questions then i previously had. 9/10

It's funny how tension works. From the heroes' perspective, the crisis is almost over... but there's something else lurking in the shadows, and Corn is... different. Maybe Charles was just the beginning of something bigger.

Also is that spider next to Mama Spider the same one from Tlaloc's Test? Do spiders report back to Mama Spider so she can keep tabs on things? I'm suddenly rethinking the significance of past spider appearances.

Anyway, this is great. Looking forward to what happens next!