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Reviews for "Humble: No Evil 038"

Pretty neat.

I was wondering when they were going to introduce that character.

sorry i hate furrys but good animation

Aww, only Daily 2nd Place? Well, I guess it is technically one of your lesser submissions. It's still great though. I'm so used to popular stuff on this website being crude or violent. I'm of course glad this is different. Then again, maybe it's why I can't follow it very well.

Anyway, this is still wonderful. There's so much emphasis put into the voices. Due to how my webpage was set up, I thought it said, "Horrible" instead of "Humble" at one point! Nice to know you talented people are still here. You always put depth into these characters.

I find that in some kind cute... ^w^
Too bad that i didn‘t watched much „No Evil“ Series before, when i was younger(Highschool).
Also nice work on that! :^)