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Reviews for "Humble: No Evil 038"

This is good. Charles is (mostly) dealt with and we have a new mystery on the horizon. Seeing Charles starting to make up for the stuff he's done is a step towards making him a better person. Also hello Mama! Nice to see you again after 30+ episodes. We haven't seen you since the Black Tezcatlipoca got split.

Damn, what a univers I just stepped in to.

I really like the characters and the way the black and white spiders are drawn. The little song bit also sounded really great Love the sound af guitar strokes.

Kid seems to be learning the lessons he should've been taught ages ago and that's good. This... shadow-thing seems to be a problem, and it's definitely got something to do with both the cave AND Quetzalcoatl. If Calamity knew, she'd be taking his claims of a creature attacking him more seriously. Of course, she'd probably BLAME the kid for it attaching itself to poor Corn, but I'm not convinced it's entirely his fault. Personally, I think it was released when Corn refused to shoot the Mercy Bow.

I wonder what it was that Mama gave to Charles? She said they were containers for the pieces of the mirror... I wonder how they work?

It's funny how tension works. From the heroes' perspective, the crisis is almost over... but there's something else lurking in the shadows, and Corn is... different. Maybe Charles was just the beginning of something bigger.

Also is that spider next to Mama Spider the same one from Tlaloc's Test? Do spiders report back to Mama Spider so she can keep tabs on things? I'm suddenly rethinking the significance of past spider appearances.

Anyway, this is great. Looking forward to what happens next!

I like how Corn putting Calamity's hat on her head reflects what he was doing in episode 35.