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Reviews for "My Firefly"

You know what I really I love? Owl City. You know what this sounds like?

Owl City.

You've got a really slickly-produced track; from the punchy drums to the bouncy bass groove, all backed by some incredibly warm-sounding synths. And I've just gotten to the part at the end with the vocal chops, and I'm even further impressed. That was very very well-executed!

I sincerely dig this!

johnfn responds:

hey mang, glad to see you around! :)

haha, yeah, we started thinking about owl city as soon as we came up with the "firefly" line, so we just embraced it and told Dan (McGorilla42) to sing it as much like them as possible lol.

glad you liked it! =D

Really sweet, nice and awesome sounds, my new favorite track of yours!!!! Ft. McGorilla42?????? WOW so... John + Ethansight + Mc Gorilla... = Awesomeness

Great job, and good luck in this round!

johnfn responds:

whoa, hyper fast review! thanks man! =D